Friday, July 23, 2010

Hills for Breakfast!

Today, I ate hills for breakfast! My friend Kelly and I were sweep which means we were the last ones to arrive, making sure the group made it safely into our next host site. WE ARE NOW IN ST.PAUL, MINNISOTA! Our tenth state out of 14. I cannot believe how the miles have flown by. As of today and tomorrow, we are about half way through the trip.

For the past few days we have been gliding through Wisconsin. What a beautiful state! I had no idea how beautiful that state actually is. Rolling hills…ones that I actually felt like I could get up and down :) We had a 100 mile day…and then a 65….and then another 65…and then finished up Wisconsin today with a 75 mile day. Day, after day, after day of biking. It starts to wear on you. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to do something like this. It really shows how much the human body is capable of. It’s not about looking at the big picture… “making it across America”. It is about the moments and your mind over the matter. If you have the right mindset, this trip is possible for anyone. Yeah…your butt will get sore and your legs will hurt, but that only for a moment. It fades quickly.

I’ve definitely seen some changes come over my body. I FEEL LIKE A HUMAN GARBAGE DISPOSAL! I eat everything in my path. It is said we are burning over 6000 calories a day with the amount of biking we are putting in. Depending on the day, I am usually sitting on that bike for a good 6 to 8 hours. My legs feel like they could kick through bricks! Hi-ya! And my upper core feels like a toothpick, ready to break!

Really awesome stories about today:
1. I have been pranking a few people on the team. Like putting Styrofoam all over my friend’s bike, or putting a huge rock in someone’s sleeping bag. Harmless things, but they get a good laugh. I WAS OWNED TODAY! My whole team ganged up on me. Little did I know I was going to be in the middle of a war zone as I arrived for lunch. Hiding behind trees and signs…my team bolted out of the shadows and pelted me with water balloons. Imagine at least twenty people gunning for you. It was INTENSE! I was instantly drenched and in total shock. Way to go guys, you got me. You got me realllllly good. This meant wet shammys for the next 30 miles….wahwah!
2. About 8 miles away from the host, Kelly and I looked about a half mile in front of us to see the steepest hill I have ever seen in my entire life. From a half mile away, this thing looked like a wall. A building. A ladder of and incline. I looked at Kelly and said, “uh uh girl…I may be walking this thing!” She was determined to make me climb this thing though. Slow and easy. Before you know it, we are at the bottom and I put myself in granny gear (the lowest gear) to try propelling myself up this ladder. About ¾ of the way through I was screaming, “OH GEEZ….MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE!” but Kelly wouldn’t let me stop….and guess what folks…I ate that hill. Made it to the top and maybe did a lil’ dance.

Soooo…I have been having a pretty tough time trying to upload videos on blogger. I have posted videos on facebook! You should check them out if you have some time. Nolan, Tony, Heather, and I get to stay at someone’s house tonight and tomorrow night! This means beds and a shower. The little things excite me these days. Thanks for checking up on me and seeing how it’s all been rollin’! miss everyone back at home. I’ll keep trying to update you all when I have internet again!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have some time to type up a post on how everything is going! Today we rode 66 miles into Palermo, New York! It was a great ride. I was able to ride with my good friend Leisl and we talked for just about the entire day...taking breaks in feilds of dandelions and eating a lot of snickers!!!! Thank you mom and dad for the AMAZING care package of snickers! i love them!!!!! Tomorrow we are riding into Rochester, New York which will be about 90 miles. This will be are longest ride yet and I am sweep with a girl named Liz Ball. Sweep is where two people ride in the back of the pack and make sure that everyone makes it to the destination safetly. I am excited to learn more about Liz!

This experience has been AMAZING! The other day we had a ten mile climb uphill...IN A MONSOON OF A RAIN and the WIND against us! It was really intense. I made it all the way to the top of that mountain though! and when i got there i did a dance!!!! It felt awesome to complete that mountain. We have had so many experiences like that. I never really had the opportunity in flat saginaw to train for the hills that i have been encountering these days, but i think it's okay. Because now I only have to get myself through these mountains once! And good news...after yesterday we have pretty much made it through our first mountain range! What an incredible feeling. WE BIKED ACROSS THE APPALACHIANS! more specific the ADIRONDACK mountains...

So some of you may have heard through the grape vine that I got in a little spill! That is correct. I did. But...ALL IS GOOD! i am still alive! Don't worry :) I took a day off to fix my bike and get things back in order but i am back on the road again! I can't thank everyone enough for the prayers and support you have given me. God is using them in ways that I could not adequately explain. I have fellowship here...he protected me in the crash...he is changing lives in front of my eyes. I am seeing him everyday in the mountains and scenery. I feel alive!

We have this thing we like to call "DM"...donation magic. It is incredible. Like today...someone really wanted pizza for lunch. He stopped into a local pizza shop and walked out with two huge pizza's for the team after he explained what bike and build was. Seeing how people will just give openly has been eye opening. Everyday...people are giving up time to drive us somewhere to take a shower, to cook us food... It's amazing.

What was really amazing was seeing how all of work was being put into action. We had the opportunity to see a woman tell a family that they are now the owners of a Habitat for Humanity house. Just to see their expressions was enough for me to know that I am in the right place. My team has already raised over 150,000 for low income housing. THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE TO ME. Just 32 kids. And we aren't done yet.

Thanks for checking up on me and seeing how the trip is going! I will try to update as much as possible...which is when I get internet....few and far between! If you are still interested in how things are going, two people every night on my team up date a team blog on how the day is going. If you go to down to all of the routes and their milages so far and click on NORTHERN ROUTE...find the pencil on the right you are there! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biking into Lebanon, NH

We are in Lebanon NH right now! THE DOWNHILL WAS AWESOME. I can't tell you how great it feels to go downhill after you are constantly pumping to get up a hill! it feels fantastic. I will write more later to tell you all how it is "rollin" :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doin' the Northern

Hey All! I oddly had some time to update right now! I have officially been submersed into bike and build and I don't think I have stopped smiling since my parents pulled me into the parking lot. It has been crazy! Sleeping in a church on the library floor! taking full out showers in the bathroom sink. Learning the biking lingo! It has been awesome. I swear every single person here is amazing. Just something outstanding about them. Today we had our fist build day! building building building! it was great! I am ready to take on this summer. We have our first 65 mile ride tomorrow. wow...i can't wait. BRING IT ON!!!!!!

Well...the shuttle is leaving... we are going to YMCA to take a shower! see ya :)

Thanks to my besties....i have this sweet flip video to record all of this! Thanks alli and ashley. I miss you!

Ps...."the northern" is our team dance...can't leave anyone hanging.. gotta do the dance.